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CyberMed® offers a wide range of healthcare software solutions based on a concept of community delivery of patient care meeting provider requirements for immediate deployment. Integrated to provide for instant one point access to information; text, dictation (voice), images (grey-scale & colour) and diagnostics, to include assays and waveforms. As stand alone, on a client-server local area network (LAN), wide area connected (WAN) or online web-based cloud computing SaaS model; wired or wireless for integrated centralized information management.

Since 1995 CyberMed® systems have provided continuity in terms of software solutions to doctors, clinics, surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies, distributors, manufacturers and multinational companies. ICD, DICOM and HL7 compliant clinic and hospital information system options meeting the clinician's primary-secondary-tertiary care connectivity requirements; 24/7.

Today, more than 3.5 million patients from more than 300 clinics, surgeries and hospitals in the region manage healthcare information from a CyberMed® supplied database. More than just quality design, CyberMed® solutions exhibit the required robustness, reliability and viability necessary for sustained long term deployment. The precursor to all information enhanced clinical and enterprise initiatives.

Available from the suite of CyberMed® software solutions are ready information services for use by the primary, specialist and tertiary care provider for connected peer communities and patient home care solutions. Seamless information flow and exchanges contributing to holistic perspectives underpinning impacting executive deliverables; revenue increase, cost reduction, time managed, with a clear focus on patient care and satisfaction.


For medical tourism practitioners, CyberMed® offers an integrated information infrastructure sensitive to patient referral requirements and management; international currency, taxes and other relevant factors conducive to seamless cross border care delivery.

Practicing In Realtime...
NEW CyberMed ciCIS™ 2012 is designed for use by doctors and nurses to clerk clinical notes accurately and quickly. Another addition to the suite of proven CyberMed Cloud Interfaced Series (ciSeries) solutions integrated to provide realtime information with ciVC, ciSOAP,ciSCRIBE, ciNOTES & ciIMAGE.
NEW CyberMed ciHOSPITAL™ 2011 is one of the world's first healthcare cloud delivered hospital information systems providing worldwide reach for hospitals, in particular those practicing health tourism.
NEW CyberMed ciCHIRO™ 2011 brings to you the world's first fully browser based handwritten and annotated medical notes (cross-platform, Android, Linux, iOS, Symbian, Windows compliant), capturing natively your handwritting and image annotations.
NEW CyberMed ciVET™ 2011 comprehensively provides for the veterinary information management requirements of veterinary clinjcs, surgeries and hospitals to include grooming and hospitalization modules.
NEW CyberMed ciCLINIC™ 2010 enjoys the advantages of cloud computing in patient care further enhanced by the latest range of mobile wireless devices like the Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy and the Android Internet Tablets.
NEW CyberMed ciLIS™ 2010 is a first in the world that is fully web-based Laboratory Information System that allows cross platform computing devices to be used in managing assay results. Integrated with Roche Diagnostics' Cobas range.
NEW CyberMed releases the all new CyberMed cdiSCRIBE™ 2009 for unparalleled handwritten clinician charting complemented with process flows impacting clinical outcomes and patient safety. Compatible for integration with third-party compliant systems.
NEW CyberMed cdiURIREF™ III is now enhanced for use with Roche Diagnostic's Reflovet® system and can be fully integrated to patient medical records of the native CyberMed systems and the eKlinikVET™ range.
NEW For dieticians and nutritionists is the CyberMed cdiNUTRI™ 2009 providing all the necessary management tools for optimal patient care and optionally integrated to the kitchen module of the hospital information system.
NEW CyberMed ccmsBASIC™, ccmsOMEGA™ and ccmsINTEGRA™ version 2009 are fully integrated with the complete range of online CyberMed® ci Series systems.
NEW The all new CyberMed cdiURIREF™ III and cdiURISPRINT™ II for use with Roche Diagnostics' Urisys 1100, Reflotron Plus and Reflotron Sprint systems are now web-enabled for online management of assay results. Contact your local CyberMed representative for details. Stored assay results, automatic reminders and recalls with printed trend graphs. Generate Medic Alert Patient ID Cards and more. New possibilities.
NEW CyberMed releases the all new ci Series range of Internet enabled healthcare solutions. Check out the very comprehensively integrated ciCLINIC™ clinic management system, ciDENTAL™ dental practice system, ciVET™ veterinary practice system, ciHOSPITAL™ hospital information system and ciHQ™ for centralized group practice management.
NEW Enhance your clinic, medical centre or hospital CyberMed solutions with contactless cards and RFID features for improved patient comfort, security and loyalty.
NEW Use cdiDICOMVIEW™ for DICOM images; MRI, CT, Angiogram etc. Features to include, Contrast, Magnify, Pan, Measure, Hot Iron, Grey Scale, both still and dynamic. A useful addition to your practice.
NEW CyberMed solutions are now rendered Tablet PC compliant to allow for handwriting recognition, also voice file (dictation) management and mobile computing. Contact your local CyberMed distributor for details.
NEW cdiIMAGE™ for archiving, capturing and transmitting your non-DICOM grey-scale and colour medical images, both still and dynamic. Multiple image montage with online transmission capability. Comes as complete system with PC interface, software and interface cables.
NEW cdiQ-PAGE™ to convert your clinic or television into a Queue, Page and Messaging tool. Complete kit with PC interface card, cables and software.
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